Capturing and preserving nature’s fleeting beauty with metal, Christine Galvez has created a whimsical world filled with creatures, myths and nostalgic beauty.  Through her transformative touch, cold metal comes alive. Intriguing and inviting, friendly and feminine, each piece capturing a moment, an image and story.

The recent public recognition and appreciation for her work has strengthened Christine’s resolve to create inspired artistic work, but also to craft functional pieces.  Her collection of iconic NYC water tanks plays a central, decorative role while doubling as a hiding place for cherished secrets and mementos. Her expanded body of work stems from a naturalist world of sculpture and art but sits squarely in today’s world of design and functionality.  


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The New York Design Center is the industry's premier resource for fine furnishings.

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The New York Design Center welcomes consumers, inviting them to tour the showrooms. Our Access to Design™ program offers consumers guidance on working with a designer and shopping the building. For more information visit the Access to Design™ office located in Suite 424.